Incredible Magdeburg Water Bridge in the Germany

The engineering innovation of Water Bridge was first time come in existence nearer 2003 at Magdeburg city. Magdeburg is very beautiful and second largest city of state Sxony-Anhalt, Germany. The Magdeburg water bridge is traversable channel in Germany. This Water Bridge is one of the incredible innovations of science and engineering ever. With the length of 918 meters, it is known as a longest navigation channel in the world. The Elbe-havel canal and the Mittelland canal are two beautiful canals in the Germany. They met earlier near Magdeburg, but opposite side of Eble River. After construction of Magdeburg Water Bridge the both canals pass through in mid of Magdeburg city. The cross passing of two canals creates a so beautiful attractive look ever. I recommend, you must be a witness of such amazing sight. Magdeburg Water Bridge is a wonder discovery owns self. It’s pretty cool, right? How is this possible? A bridge is that support all that water and boats.


The Feature of Magdeburg Water bridge In Germany: –

Pop Culture

The beauty of Magdeburg Water Bridge framed in motion film ’Hanna’, near 75 minute length. It’s also featured in film ‘Vitou the Kong’. This water bridge is most ever visited and crowded all time. Magdeburg Water Bridge has become a part of uncountable short and long length motion picture.

Fun @Magdeburg Water Bridge

The boating in water is always fun and excited moment for tourists. It’s a wonderful moment while boat riding in Magdeburg Water Bridge, city sight from the top of the bridge is a full of joy. Don’t worry you will make unforgettable memories at Magdeburg water bridge in Germany.  The Magdeburg is waiting for your appearance at Water Bridge. Tourists have always question about its existence. You need to find by your self. It is interesting for you to see and gather information about Water Bridge.

Amazing facts of Magdeburg Water Bridge:-


Construction of bridge was started in early 1930s, but begun of World War II construction worked stopped for unlimited period. Further works of bridge wait till 1997s, a long period of waiting. The division of Germany also affected the work progress. The aqueduct was eventually completed and opens to the public in 2003. The estimated cost of Magdeburg Water bridges is 500 million Euros. The whole structure consumed 24,000 tones of steal and 68,000 meter3 concretes.

Magdeburg Water Bridge is also very important for trade purpose. Earlier a long distance ships rout over the Ebler River has been reduced to short length rout through Magdeburg Water Bridge.

Behalf of the German federal government, Magdeburg Water Bridge is in top list of tourist places to be promotes.  Increase the volume of tourist traffics.

Inspired innovation


The Magdeburg Water Bridge is always a subject to study for new generation. The infrastructure of water bridges is become very demanding in today scenario. The engineers want to build such more water bridges. The Magdeburg water bridge is an initiative for next innovation. Concept behind the Magdeburg water bridge makes it incredible ever.



Top 5 Amusing planet around the world

Amusing planet includes incredible and wonderful buildings, history of a place or animals and wired stuff. It includes a wide range of topics. World is full of amazing Amusing planet at different-different locations. It is hard to decide which one is better. Here, we listed out Top Amusing planets as below.


Amusing planet around the World:-

  1. Strange Victorian Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park-

Strange Victorian Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park is located in London and describe the history of dinasours. You can find above thirty sculptures of dinasours. All Sculpture are designed Benjamin Waterhouse-Hawkins. The Iguanodon is the most impressive and largest of these sculptures.

  1. The Sponge Divers of Greece-


In old days sponge was collected from Sea bed which is today used in mattress, synthetic pillows and other things. The fine quality sponge for this Amusing planet is collect from nature’s creature jelly like marine. Greeks are experienced to scrub animals and know their usefulness. Forefathers and fathers of Greeks earned money from sponge. They dive without any breathing apparatus. In this century, a diving suit is invented for sponge collector.

  1. Snow Roller-

You can find out cylindrical rollers of Snow in Ohio, USA. These rollers are naturally formed by fast, strong wind. These are not like snowballs made by people. Snow Rollers very thin, weak and often empty from inside. So, they formed and disappeared soon.

  1. Lucky Knot Bridge in Changsha-


China is famous for its beautiful places or other things like the Great Wall of China etc. But you can find there a new curvaceous bridge which offers you to explore china by variety of different- different locations. The attractive design of lucky Knot was inspired by Mobius strip which defines the meaning of knot as luck and prosperity. This is the amazing bridge and best known amusing planet which connects different river banks, roads and parks at a gorgeous level.

  1. The forgotten tunnel under Naples-

Bourbon tunnel, which cover the thirty meters under the ground located in Naples Italy. It was discovered in the century of 19 and it became unforgettable for all after the end of World War2. After the war it becomes garbage ground which includes destroyed cars, motorcycles.

Roller Coasters and Thrill rides in USA

Roller coasters are commonly known as thrill rides and entirely based on centripetal and gravitational forces to provide the service of great rides. The best roller coasters are most impressive creation by human mind. These rides are especially developed for amusement parks. Roller coasters provide thrill seeking activities and it’s also an endless source of excitement for adventure junkies. Are you ready for these wild rides on roller coasters? So, here we described most terrifying and thrill roller coaster rides in USA.


Roller Coasters and Thrill rides in USA:-

  1. Lightning Rod:

Lightning rod is a wooden coaster, typically known as more for retro scares than pure speed. The top speed of 73mph, it is the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world and edging out magic mountain’s goliath by 1mph. The up and down turbulence gives riders about 20 seconds of air time throughout the ride, and the other superlative figure for a wooden coaster.


  1. Millennium Force:


Millennium force is classic coaster is like the Draymond green of Cedar point. It’s probably is the best coaster in the park, it surrounded by all world talent. The third best at cedar point. The Roller coasters leverages height, speed, and duration better than possibly in America. It combines nearly 6,600ft of track with a 300dt drop and speed past 90mph. A towering icon in the best coaster park in the island. It makes for a nice, fast and bumpy ride.


  1. Fury 325:


It is high speed steel caster is the tallest and fastest giga coaster in the world and propelling guests at speed up to 95mph. the football field length first drop get the momentum going plummeting riders at the beginning and followed by two minutes of speed and painful turns. It won the golden ticket award for best new ride.


  1. The Twilight Zone tower of Terro:

This thrill ride opened in July 1994.In Florida, it is located in the Hollywood tower hotel at Disney world. It consists of an accelerated drop in the 199feet tower. This is designed to look like an abandoned elevator shaft. It based on the TV show “Twilight Zone”. The tower of terror’s elevator shaft falls at a speed 30 miles an hour.


  1. Everland:


The world most popular theme parks, everland is located in yongin in the South Korean province of Gyeonggi do. The park feature 40 thrill rides, it including world famous wooden roller coasters. The other attractions such as an African safari ride, indoor and outdoor water park, zoo etc. everland bore the strongest resemblance to busch gardens Williamburg, both its mixture of animal and themed attractions and its beauty.







6 most Amazing places on Earth must see once in life

The world is incredibly beautiful and fully loaded with natural wonderful places. It offers you different geographical locations, climate conditions and many more attractive places to visit. Different places offer you various cultures activities, languages, breath-taking mountains and beautiful beaches. These natural and most beautiful places are the center for tourist attractions. People enjoy these destinations fully and get back to their homes with unforgettable memories. Are you planning for vacations or world tour? Most of you don’t know where are these wonderful locations? So, here we have listed out some amazing, exotic and most beautiful locations which are fully loaded with wonderful activities.


Want to chill out with your friends or family member? Take a look of wonderful places that will capture your heart and soul.

6 most Amazing places on Earth must see once in life

  1. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska


Mendenhall Ice Caves, located 12 miles away from the Juneau town in southeast Alaska. This is the one of most beautiful places in the world and tourist attraction place of Alaska. Each and every year thousands of tourists come to gaze its beauty. Cave is fully loaded with a ice as you can see in picture and people walk through this cave to experience this natural wonder. Lover of ice climbing call it by two names “Glacier behind the town” and “Glacier Behind the little lake”.

  1. Street in Bonn, Germany


Hope so all of you also love nature and its amazing creativity. Tunnel of cherry trees located in the Bonn, Germany. So, that is why tourist describes it as street of Bonn. You don’t believe, in the season of spring the tunnel of cherry tree is booming with pink blossoms. Some of also describe it as perfect honeymoon destination. As you see in picture, now you are thinking about Germany to visit before die.

  1. The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland


Are you thinking about most beautiful locations in Scotland? If you are planning for Scotland then don’t Miss Fairy Pool on the Isle of Skye there. All over the world, tourist came here to enjoy their vacations. It is located in the west of Carbost village on the brittle river. This is famous for landscaping, rock castle, forests and bathing in the fairy pool.

  1. Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California


Glass Beach is the well-known as southern beach of MacKerricher State Park. It is located in Fort Bragg, California. It gets name from smooth colourful glass pieces as you can see in picture and you will never find it on any other beach. This is one of most popular and tourist attraction beaches in united state. You can go with your family, kids or friends to enjoy this wonderful fort Bragg beach.

  1. Pamukkale, Turkey


Have you ever heard about wonderful and most beautiful places in the World (turkey)? Yes, turkey is also a tourist attraction country where people are dying to go and wants to enjoy most popular location Pamukkale. Pamukkale is a small town in western turkey. Tourists describe it as healthier and snowy location of turkey as shown in picture. This is famous for bath-spa.

  1. Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


The Great Pyramid of Giza has 1467 meter height and it covers an area of 13 acres. It is one of largest pyramid and tourist location of Egypt.  Thinking about pyramids? Then you prefer to Egypt tour to explore more about pyramids.



5 Affordable Places to live in Virginia

Well, we all know that there are number of attractive places to see all over the world. But Virginia is one of affordable cities to live which lists as a best city. It is situated in Atlantic region of USA offers small towns, various attractive things to do and more beaches and museums. Virginia has rich history and famous for its classic charm for couples. Virginia is especially famous for Southern food and quintessence of Southern charm. Have you ever visited California? If no, then pack your bags and book your tickets to go. Because when it comes to raise with your family and to make fun with friends, it is one of the beautiful places to live in Virginia. Virginia is popular for its wow states. So, here we have listed out Affordable Places to live in Virginia.


5 Affordable Places to live in Virginia:-

  1. Arlington:

It is a beautiful city to live and one important thing is that it is located on the border of Washington D.C. There is famous website like The best thing which comes first about the city Arlington is it is a very safe place to live.

  1. Big Stone Gap:


Big Stone Gap is no small coincidence, It certainly seems that the Roanoke area is a summer and winter when it comes to offering ample housing, and in the case of Cave Springs, an for overall cost of living. Mostly tourist visits these places because of the lovely moments. These are best places to live in Virginia with their family. Big stone gap just inside and outside of the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C., but it stands just fine on its own.

  1. Glen Allen:

This town is made up of luxury town homes, shopping, movie theaters, and some beautiful houses. When you want to get away from it all, Glen Allen is just eight miles from some five-star hiking trails. This is perfect choice for the tourist. If you search on the internet which is the best place of the virgina. Then you can found Glen Allen is the best places to live in Virgina.

  1. West Point:


West point is the best city in Places to live in Virginia which got so much popularity for schools and colleges there. Even a very popular site School digger put this city at number one from all over 130 to 150 schools in Virginia. And in the year of 2010 to 2011 schools and colleges in west point got top results according to the department by research data.

  1. Alexandra and Virginia Beach:

According to the Researcher, with a 70th spot in the overall livability rankings, Alexandra and Virginia beach earns an B grade for cost of living. This place Located in Pulaski County near Radford, Alexandra and Virginia Beach also offers plenty of amenities. One important thing is that Employment is not at the top of the rankings for the area, but the overall cost of living more than makes the grade.

Top 5 Whimsical Upside down houses in the world

Each and every person has dream of his own house. Upside down houses sounds like nonsensical theme. Most of the people love little boxes house but some of people love to have their upside down house. This design and theme is quite unique and point of attraction. There are a few homes that have been given this changed point of view over the world. The artist and designers of these flipped out homes wants to shake up the way you think about society’s most squeezing need, shield. Here we have listed out some jaw- dropping flipped upside down houses as below.


Top 5 Whimsical Upside down houses in the world:-

  1. The Education and Region Promotion Center

The Education and Region Promotion Center is located in Szymbark, Northern Poland. This house is historical center, which implies the goal is for you to discover some new information by going to this exhibition hall and house. The exhibition hall itself is a review in society design. Close by one of the top tipsy curvy house on the planet is a log lodge, a yurt, and even a little mansion where talk has it that you can judge the flying speed of an African swallow conveying a coconut. This house was opened in 2008. The aim of this house is to protect the heritage of the heritage of two Lesser Polish families.


  1. Norman Johnson’s Home


Norman Johnson’s is one of flipped Upside-Down Houses located at Florida in USA. Norman Johnson’s Upside-Down House is a faithfully transposed recreation of a typical home was built in 1961. Even the furniture inside was mounted upside down and the palm tree outside looks very confused.


  1. Turkish Upside Down House

Turkish Upside Down House is located in the city of Antalya. Some Turkish entrepreneur took a page from Norman Johnson’s playbook. The aim of this house is to built as the house of the most popular attractions for tourists in Antalya region. The roof, windows, front door and balcony Antalya house’s are constructed upside down even the bathroom too.


  1. Device to Root Out Evil


This type of upside down houses was firstly installed in Vancouver Canada and after that Device to Root Out Evil house was relocated to a park in Calgary, Alberta with 25 feet height and was red glass framed with aluminium. Despite the fact that charged by the President’s Panel on Art, the president of Stanford University rejected this figure because it was “not suitable” for the campus.

  1. The Upside-Down House Szymbark, Poland

This weird house is just a perfectly normal except by polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski. This house took 114 days to build because the workers were so confused by the angles of its walls. Soon, it becomes attraction point for tourists to the tiny village in Szymbark, Poland.

5 Best Place to See Northern Lights in U.S.A

The United State is highly developed Country. It rank highly in measurement of the socioeconomic Performace.United State commonly referred to as the United States. America is the federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district. Northern Light is the famous in the world. In summer, Winter vacation, Many tourist visit to the Northern light light. Many people enjoy the Northern light with their family. Northen light famous all over the world not only the U.S.A. Some Places of U.S.A are famous for the Northen light. I use awesome, amazing word for the Northern light. Many people posted the different places   of Northern light on the social media like Facebook.  In this article I mention 5 Best Place to See Northern Lights in U.S.A. The Northen light can be seen from regions both north and south of the auroral zone. Here we have listed out 5 Best Place to See Northern Lights in U.S.A.


  • Best Place to See Northern Lights in U.S.A:-
  1. Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska:1-denali-national-park-and-preserve-1

The Park is also one of the best place in the U.S. to see the northern light. Many tourist went to  this  place  with their family .Fairback, which is located less than 200 Kilometer  Northern of the park also seem some incredible  light shows.With nearly  2.5  million of untouched wilderness Denali  National  park and Preserve, Alaska,located about  383 kilometres north  of Anchorage.

  1. Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Idaho:idaho-panhandle-national-forest-idaho

Idaho Panhandle is not first place that comes tom the mind when thinking of the northern light. Which is part of the makes each sighting over Priest lake.  During the winter, these location, which are about 80 kilometres south of the Canadian board, 150 kilometres northeast of Spokane, clear skies ideal for northern light Viewing. So many tourist went to this place .If you search the  Northern light  on the Google then you find the Idaho Panhandle national forest because it is the best place. Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Idaho is famous place in the 5 Best Place to See Northern Lights in U.S.A.

  1. Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, Maine:


This place located on the U.S. This place roughly 250 Kilometres north of the Bangor. Although the northern lights are more common near the Arctic. Set up camp in Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, which encompasses more than 1500 hectares of wetlands that are home to such critters as most, black bears? Mostly Summer Vacation, many people visit the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, Maine with their family.

  1. Cook County, Minnesota:


It is the Northeastern trip of Minnesota along the shores of the Lake Superior. Roughly 400 kilometres northern of Minneapolis. This area is also home to Minnesota tallest mountain peaks highest waterfall, High fall. That is the best Category in 5 Best Place to See Northern Lights in U.S.A.

  1. Finland:


Head to Luosto in Northern Finland to the Hotel Aurora where upon arrival .You will be handed an Aurora Alarm that beeps whenever the northern lights appears. Finland roughly 300 kilometers.  In winter vacation, Mostly people visit the Finland. Kakslauttanen Finland   place also famous for the Northen lights. This place is famous then the Cook County, Minnesota.