Top 7 Best Adventure Sports Destinations in India

Adventure sports, we can also call it extreme sports or outdoor sport which is full of thrill and risk which makes these sport an adventure. Performing these types of sport means we are competing against nature. If we talk about the adventure sports in India, So it comes as no surprise that India has so much scope for these thrilling activities. That’s why the adventurers from around the World visit this country to enjoy the adrenaline rush. High ranges of mountains and dangerous rivers attract the adventure seekers towards India. Let me discuss best destination of adventure sports which is full of excitement and thrill.

1. Paragliding in BIR, Himachal Pradesh:

paragliding himachal pradesh

BIR is one of the popular spots to do paragliding. Himachal is becoming famous day by day among the adventure lovers. Paragliding in BIR giving a thrilling and heart hacking experience to the Performers. This sport ranks first as the best paragliding in India and second best in the World.

2. Ice climbing in Ladakh:

ice climbing adventure sports india

The Suru and Zanskar valleys at Ladakh are ideal for ice climbing. Even though ice climbing needs a lot of practice, the valleys of Ladakh offer the ideal grounds for beginners as well. Ice climbing is still growing in India, be sure you get a guide and let him initiate and decide your course. October and November are the best time in the year to go there and performs this thrilling sport.

3. Sea surfing in Goa:

sea surfing india

Sea surfing is risky to perform that’s why this sport is known as an adventurous sport. Surfing in Goa is steadily gaining popularity because of the deserted beaches and favorable wind conditions. Also, a lot of surfing schools have popped up in Goa which makes it easier for the beginners to learn and enjoy the sport as well. The lagoon of Ashvem, Arambol and Morjim coastlines are perfect for surfing.

4. Hot air ballooning in Damdama Lake:

hot air balloon ride in india

Damdama Lake is situated near Delhi and the Aravalli ranges form a beautiful backdrop. A lot of adventure activities like zip lining, Parasailing, and rock climbing are offered around Damdama Lake. But the most notable among all is the amazing hot air balloon rides are the best and best to challenge your thrilling skills. Flying in a little basket under a massive balloon will sure make you feel like you are in a heaven.

5. Shepherd’s Trail, Himachal Pradesh:


These beautiful treks in Himachal Pradesh will engross your mind and soul. Many trekking lovers from all around the World try this experience every year. The treks will connect you to the natural beauty of Kullu Valley. Trekking here is a divine experience for every adventure junkie.

6. Lakshadweep Islands, Arabian Sea

lakshadweep island

If you are a marine life enthusiast, Lakshadweep is the right place to spend your next adventure vacation. The place is blessed with natural beauty and you can spend time yachting or kayaking in the sea. We guarantee that it will be a lifetime adventure to remember.

7. Ice Skating at Gulmarg

ice skating gulmerg

Gulmarg is situated at 53 kilometers away from Srinagar. Ice skating, ice hockey, and cross-country skiing is very popular in Gulmarg in the winter season. There are a lot of natural skating tracks and the frozen river. Also, the ministry of tourism organizes classes for beginners around Gulmarg.


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