Tallest Roller Coaster in The USA

Roller coasters are commonly known as thrill rides and entirely based on centripetal and gravitational forces to provide the service of the great ride on roller coaster. The best roller coasters are a most impressive creation by the human mind. These rides are specially developed for amusement parks. Roller coasters provide thrill seeking activities and it’s also an endless source of excitement for adventure junkies. Are you ready for these wild rides on roller coasters? So, here we described most terrifying and thrilling roller coaster rides in the USA.

top roller coasters around the world

1. Lightning Rod:

The Lightning rod is a wooden coaster, typically known as more for retro scares than pure speed. The top speed of 73mph, it is the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world and edging out magic mountain’s goliath by 1mph. The up and down turbulence gives riders about 20 seconds of air time throughout the ride and the other superlative figure for a wooden coaster.

2. Millennium Force:

Millennium Force Roller Coaster

Millennium Force is classic coaster is like the Draymond Green of Cedar point. It’s probably is the best coaster in the park, is surrounded by all world talent. The third best at cedar point. The roller coasters leverage height, speed, and duration better than possibly in America. It combines nearly 6,600ft of the track with a 300dt drop and speed past 90mph. A towering icon in the best coaster park in the island. It makes for a nice, fast and bumpy ride.

3. Fury 325:

Fury 325 Roller Coaster

Fury 325 is the high-speed steel caster is the tallest and fastest Giga coaster in the world and propelling guests at speed up to 95mph. the football field length first drops get the momentum going plummeting riders at the beginning and followed by two minutes of speed and painful turns. It won the golden ticket award for the best new ride.

4. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terro:

This thrill ride opened in July 1994. In Florida, it is located in the Hollywood tower hotel at Disney world. It consists of an accelerated drop in the 199 feet tower. This is designed to look like an abandoned elevator shaft. It based on the TV show “Twilight Zone”. The tower of terror’s elevator shaft falls at a speed 30 miles an hour.

5. Everland:

Everland roller coasters

The world most popular theme parks, ever land is located in Yongin in the South Korean province of Gyeonggi do. The park feature 40 thrill rides, it including world famous wooden roller coasters. The other attractions such as an African safari ride, indoor and outdoor water park, zoo etc. ever land bore the strongest resemblance to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, both its mixture of animal and themed attractions and its beauty.


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