Top 5 Amusing Planet Around The World

Amusing planet includes incredible and wonderful buildings, history of a place or animals and wired stuff. It includes a wide range of topics. World is full of amazing amusing planet at different locations. It is hard to decide which one is better. Here, we listed out top amusing planets as below.

amusing planet

1. Strange Victorian Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park-

Strange Victorian Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park is located in London and describe the history of dinosaurs. You can find above thirty sculptures of dinosaurs. All Sculpture are designed Benjamin Waterhouse-Hawkins. The Iguanodon is the most impressive and largest of these sculptures.

2. The Sponge Divers of Greece-


In old days sponge was collected from Sea bed which is today used in mattress, synthetic pillows and other things. The fine quality sponge for this amusing planet is collect from nature’s creature jelly like marine. Greeks are experienced to scrub animals and know their usefulness. Forefathers and fathers of Greeks earned money from sponge. They dive without any breathing apparatus. In this century, a diving suit is invented for sponge collector.

3. Snow Roller-

You can find out cylindrical rollers of Snow in Ohio, USA. These rollers are naturally formed by fast, strong wind. These are not like snowballs made by people. Snow Rollers very thin, weak and often empty from inside. So, they formed and disappeared soon.

4. Lucky Knot Bridge in Changsha-


China is famous for its beautiful places or other things like the Great Wall of China etc. But you can find there a new curvaceous bridge which offers you to explore china by variety of different- different locations. The attractive design of lucky Knot was inspired by Mobius strip which defines the meaning of knot as luck and prosperity. This is the amazing bridge and best known amusing planet which connects different river banks, roads and parks at a gorgeous level.

5. The forgotten tunnel under Naples-

Bourbon tunnel, which cover the thirty meters under the ground located in Naples Italy. It was discovered in the century of 19 and it became unforgettable for all after the end of World War 2. After the war it becomes garbage ground which includes destroyed cars, motorcycles.


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