Top 8 Beautiful Cities to Live in the World

Are you looking for best cities to live around the World? Well, we all know the world has most beautiful places with urban pleasure and natural or manmade beauty. There are some incredible cities to live which offer you a combination of breathtaking vistas and magnificent architectures. For these beautiful places, the blissful landscapes and gorgeous weather are enough to make our vision or dream. There are a thousand numbers of peoples that are happy and fortunate enough to live in these cities. So, here in this article, we are going to share some of the beautiful cities to live in the world.

1. Rome, Italy

rome city

This city is standing on seven hills and full of classical architectures and beautiful squares. Everybody wants to visit Rome just because of its beautiful landmarks, picturesque streets and lovely houses decorated with the flower boxes. You can do the sightseeing tour over there with underground chambers and vacation museums.

2. Virginia, US

virginia city

Virginia is one of the best places famous for the apartments, cafes and restaurants etc. This is one of the safest cities to live. Cost of living in Virginia is not so high; this city offers you such places at affordable rates. Most of the peoples dream to live in Virginia just because of bike crossing canals, stunning place of bridges and some of due to the elegant architectures. Which place to Live in Virginia is another question to know.  

3. Paris, France


This is best global centre especially famous for art and fashion. Paris is the capital of most popular city France. This city is famous for its charming streets and monumental squares.  It is known as one of the best city for residential purpose.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon City

Lisbon is famous as World’s most beautiful and scenic cities. This city provides you the beautiful and unexpected views, strategically viewpoints. The city has pastel colour buildings, singular atmosphere and effortless beauty.

5. Bruges, Belgium


This is the small but one of the best-preserved cities around the world. Bruges is one of Europe’s most visited cities. This is basically an unmissable destination famous for its gorgeous architecture and peaceful spots. It is also called Venice of North.

6. Vancouver, Canada


This is most famous Coastal seaport city in Canada. This city is surrounded by mountains, theatres and museums. Vancouver is the more stunning city to live in Canada. This place is the family friendly destination with so many things to do such as Elizabeth Park, beaches and best for nightlife too.

7. Sydney, Australia


Sydney is one of the beautiful cities with impressive landmarks and beautiful beaches. It is full of charm with hills and coastal paths. This is always my dream destination to live. This is the best platform for skywalk and best known for Sydney opera house.

8. London, England


This is one of the best residential cities in the world. London is famous for Parliament buildings, Road flower market and across the Thames. This city provides policing services to the commercial heart of Britain. It is also famous for panoramic views, cultural complex and the beauty of the entire city.


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