Incredible Magdeburg Water Bridge in the Germany

The engineering innovation of Water Bridge was first time come in existence nearer 2003 at Magdeburg city. Magdeburg is very beautiful and second largest city of state Sxony-Anhalt, Germany. The Magdeburg Water Bridge Germany is a traversable channel and this Water Bridge is one of the incredible innovations of science and engineering ever. With the length of 918 meters, it is known as a longest navigation channel in the world. The Elbe-havel canal and the Mittelland canal are two beautiful canals in the Germany. They met earlier near Magdeburg, but opposite side of Eble River. After construction of water bridge the both canals pass through in mid of Magdeburg city. The cross passing of two canals creates a so beautiful attractive look ever. I recommend, you must be a witness of such amazing sight. Magdeburg Water Bridge is a wonder discovery owns self. It’s pretty cool, right? How is this possible? A bridge is that support all that water and boats.

Magdeburg Water Bridge

The Feature of Magdeburg Water bridge In Germany: –

Pop Culture

The beauty of Magdeburg Water Bridge framed in motion film ’Hanna’, near 75 minute length. It’s also featured in film ‘Vitou the Kong’. This water bridge is most ever visited and crowded all time. The bridge has become a part of uncountable short and long length motion picture.

Fun at Magdeburg Water Bridge

The boating in water is always fun and excited moment for tourists. It’s a wonderful moment while boat riding in Magdeburg water bridge, city sight from the top of the bridge is a full of joy. Don’t worry you will make unforgettable memories at Magdeburg water bridge in Germany.  The Magdeburg is waiting for your appearance at Water Bridge. Tourists have always question about its existence. You need to find by your self. It is interesting for you to see and gather information about Water Bridge.

Amazing facts of Magdeburg Water Bridge:-

Magdeburg Water Bridge

Construction of bridge was started in early 1930s, but begun of World War II construction worked stopped for unlimited period. Further works of bridge wait till 1997s, a long period of waiting. The division of Germany also affected the work progress. The aqueduct was eventually completed and opens to the public in 2003. The estimated cost is 500 million Euros. The whole structure consumed 24,000 tones of steal and 68,000 meter3 concretes.

It is also very important for trade purpose. Earlier a long distance ships rout over the Ebler River has been reduced to short length rout through Magdeburg Water Bridge.

Behalf of the German federal government, it is in top list of tourist places to be promotes.  Increase the volume of tourist traffics.

Inspired innovation

Magdeburg Water Bridge Germany

The bridge is always a subject to study for new generation. The infrastructure of water bridges is become very demanding in today scenario. The engineers want to build such more water bridges. It is an initiative for next innovation.


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