5 Best Surfing Spots in USA

Everybody well know, USA is one of the highly developing countries. It’s a dream country for thousands of peoples in various interest, may be in sector of education, travelling, or business purposes. If we talk about surfing it’s an act of riding waves and it favors those peoples who have transient and curious mind. Waves for surfing, mainly found in large rivers and oceans. Are you looking for wonderful surfing spots in USA?

surfing spots usa

So, go with the points we describe below. Here we mentioned the best surfing spots in USA:-

1. Long and Short Beach, Maine: This is also known as York beach located in northeast USA. On Atlantic Ocean it consists variety of beaches named as long and short sands. Long sand beach is a wonderful spot for family and moreover nice ocean for boogie boarding and best surfing place. This place also consist many places such as Nubble Lighthouse, Zoo and parks for fun.

2. Black beach, San Diego California: It’s a one of the famous surf breaks of USA and it locates in Southern California. List of things you can do near the black beach includes Glider port where you can’t fly but enjoy the destination. Municipal golf and one famous of the famous institute offers courses related to biological studies named as Salk institute.

3. Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo: It’s a place located in central California with bustling waterfront for travelers. Morro Bay offers various activities such as surfing, wildlife tours, fishing and museums of history.

4. Pensacola Gulf Pier Beach: Amazing place to relax, Beach With historical fort and many more activities to do. Gulf islands and snorkeling, dolphin watching and paragliding. Atmosphere of Pensacola gulf pier beach is very quiet with wispy grass. It also offers collection of entertainments, restaurants and shopping complexes.

5. Mavericks, Northern California: One of the best surfing spot in Northern California for big wave surfers. It is shaped by rock formation near half moon bay distillery. Steep cliffs area and large waves roll in here so should be careful.


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