5 Affordable Places to live in Southeastern U.S.A

Well, we all know that there is the number of attractive places to see all over the world. But Virginia is one of the affordable cities to live which lists as the best city. It is situated in Atlantic region of USA offers small towns, various attractive things to do and more beaches and museums. Virginia has the rich history and famous for its classic charm for couples. Virginia is especially famous for Southern food and quintessence of Southern charm. Have you ever visited California? If no, then pack your bags and book your tickets to go. Because when it comes to raise your family and to make fun with friends, it is one of the beautiful places to live in Virginia. Virginia is popular for its wow states. So, here we have listed out affordable places to live in Virginia.

best places to live in virginia

1. Arlington:

It is a beautiful city in Virginia to live and one important thing is that it is located on the border of Washington D.C. There is the famous website like Livability.com. The best thing which comes first about the city Arlington is it is a very safe place to live.

2. Big Stone Gap:

places to live in virginia

Big Stone Gap is no small coincidence, It certainly seems that the Roanoke area is a summer and winter when it comes to offering ample housing, and in the case of Cave Springs, a for the overall cost of living. Mostly tourist visits these places because of the lovely moments. Big stone gap just inside and outside of the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C., but it stands just fine on its own.

3. Glen Allen:

This town is made up of luxury town homes, shopping, movie theatres, and some beautiful houses. When you want to get away from it all, Glen Allen is just eight miles from some five-star hiking trails. This is a perfect choice for the tourist. If you search on the internet which is the best places in Virginia. Then you can found Glen Allen is the best place to live in Virginia.

4. West Point:

best places in virginia

West Point is the best city in Virginia which got so much popularity for schools and colleges there. Even a very popular site School digger put this city at number one from all over 130 to 150 schools in Virginia. And in the year of 2010 to 2011 schools and colleges in west point got top results according to the department by research data.

5. Alexandra and Virginia Beach:

According to the Researcher, with a 70th spot in the overall livability rankings, Alexandra and Virginia’s beach earns an B grade for cost of living. This place Located in Pulaski County near Radford, Alexandra and Virginia Beach also offers plenty of amenities. One important thing is that Employment is not at the top of the rankings for the area, but the overall cost of living more than makes the grade.


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