Top 5 Whimsical Upside Down Houses in the World

Each and every person has dream of his own house. Upside down houses sounds like nonsensical theme. Most of the people love little boxes house but some of people love to have their upside down house. This design and theme is quite unique and point of attraction. There are a few homes that have been given this changed point of view over the world. The artist and designers of these flipped out homes wants to shake up the way you think about society’s most squeezing need, shield. Here we have listed out some jaw- dropping flipped upside down houses as below.

upside down houses

1. The Education and Region Promotion Center

The Education and Region Promotion Center is located in Szymbark, Northern Poland. This house is historical center, which implies the goal is for you to discover some new information by going to this exhibition hall and house. The exhibition hall itself is a review in society design. Close by one of the top tipsy curvy house on the planet is a log lodge, a yurt, and even a little mansion where talk has it that you can judge the flying speed of an African swallow conveying a coconut. This house was opened in 2008. The aim of this house is to protect the heritage of the heritage of two Lesser Polish families.

2. Norman Johnson’s Home

upside down house

Norman Johnson’s is one of flipped upside down houses located at Florida in USA. Norman Johnson’s Upside-Down House is a faithfully transposed recreation of a typical home was built in 1961. Even the furniture inside was mounted upside down and the palm tree outside looks very confused.

3. Turkish Upside Down House

Turkish Upside Down House is located in the city of Antalya. Some Turkish entrepreneur took a page from Norman Johnson’s playbook. The aim of this house is to built as the house of the most popular attractions for tourists in Antalya region. The roof, windows, front door and balcony Antalya house’s are constructed upside down even the bathroom too.

4. Device to Root Out Evil

upside down houses

This type of upside down houses was firstly installed in Vancouver Canada and after that Device to Root Out Evil house was relocated to a park in Calgary, Alberta with 25 feet height and was red glass framed with aluminium. Despite the fact that charged by the President’s Panel on Art, the president of Stanford University rejected this figure because it was “not suitable” for the campus.

5. The Upside-Down House Szymbark, Poland

This weird house is just a perfectly normal except by polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski. This house took 114 days to build because the workers were so confused by the angles of its walls. Soon, it becomes attraction point for tourists to the tiny village in Szymbark, Poland.


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