5 Incredible Lakes in the World

The pink lake is very rare natural wonders. There are only a few known pink lakes in the world. They all are salty or mesmerizing. Lake Retba or Lac Rose is an unusual spot in Senegal, It does not cause any harm for swimmers. The lake is very salty allowing to float easily. Its salt content could be compared with that of a Dead Sea. The pink colour is especially vivid during the dry season. Every year, the Pink Lake is visited by more than 10 million tourists from all over the world. It is most famous for its 20 lakes arranged in cascades. Pink lakes are interconnected, are separated by natural dams of travertine which grow 1 cm per year. Here we have listed out 5 Incredible pink lakes in the World.

pink lakea

1.   Lake Berryessa Glory Hole, California:

It is the largest lake in the Napa country, California Many. It is important because of the tourist attraction. Many tourists went to the Lake with their family and enjoy the lovely moments. The ‘Glory Hole’ is famous in this lake. The hole was a vertical drop of the 200 feet; shrinks down to 28 feet.People are permitted to go near the hole when the water level is high.   This is one of the best lakes in the world.

2.  Crater Lake, Oregon:

Crater Lake Oregon

This Lake is a lake formed during the collapse of Mount Mazama 8,700 years ago. It is a lake caldera which is 2,148 feet deep, considered the deepest in the United States and 10th  deepest lake in the world depending on the depth measured. There are no any rivers or any other bodies of water connected to the lake. Because of this, the water in the lake is considered one of the purest because of the absence of pollutants. The water is very clear and it has a visibility of up to 50 meters.

3. Lake Baikal, Siberia:

This is a rift lake which is a type of lake, is formed through continental crust being pulled apart. It is the deepest lake in the world with a depth of 1,642 meters The bottom of the lake lies 1,186.5 meters below sea level, underneath the lake floor is where the 7 kilometres of sediments are located placing the rift floor some 11 kilometres below the surface. It is the deepest rift Earth, is still not explored. 

4. Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada:

Abraham Lake Alberta Canada

This lake is actually a man-made lake in Alberta Canada. It is really beautiful during summer or winters but what makes it amazing are the frozen bubbles found underneath the lake during the winter season.  Frozen, ice bubbles underneath are piled up together like bluish white cotton wool, white rocks piled on top of each other in an orderly fashion.

5. Green Lake in Austria:

In the winter this lake is very shallow at 2 meters the surrounding area is made into a park where people can just sit and relax. So many people visit this place. Many people visit this place with their family and enjoy the lovely moment.


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