6 Upside Down Houses On Planet

The upside down house is a project created by Polish businessman or philanthropist the upside down houses is designed especially for the families who wish to maximize their modern lifestyle. The upside down house focuses on the quality. The upside down house suit many site orientations, maximizes natural cooling, Ventilation to create natural comfort in the home. The upside down house create to those who are looking for innovative design. In 2012, the upside down houses is attraction in the Australian Village of Triol. The upside Houses in Niagara Fall, Ontario, Canada. Here we  have listed out 6 upside down houses on planet.

upside down houses on planet

1. White House, Batumi, Georgia:

White House Batumi, Georgia

White house is the official residence workplace of the president of the united state .It has been residence of every U.S. The term White house is often used to refer to action of president. The modern day white house includes the Executive, West wing, East wing. White house is also known as the Executive Mansion the official office. The white house or its landscaped group occupy 18 acres.

2. Haus steht Kopf, Tirol, Austria:

In 2012, the upside down houses is attraction in the Austrian village of Tirol inside It could crash to the floor at any moment. In the unique place in whole of Austria we can experience the world from the up side down perspective. This fully furnished house make an incredible impression.

3. Wonderworks:


Wonderworks is a museam and it is also learning center focused on the  science  exhibits or located in numerous  place in the U.S Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Panama City Beach, Florida, New York.

4. Upside Down House, Niagara Falls:


The upside down Houses in Ontario, Niagara fall. The Upside Down House is a newer attraction in Niagara Falls build from the bottom up and top down, depending  how you look at. The upside down house built by Marek cyran. The upside down house is upside down from the outside to inside.

5. House of Katmandu, Magalluf, Mallorca


The home was built furnished  home on the inside that gave us some decorative ideas. On the outside it is turned upside town. Many businessman, children, women, and engineer like the upside down houses because of the good looking. The building of this house took longer and this houses are more expensive then normal house size.

6. Device to Root out Evil: The Upside Down Church, Vancouver, B.C., Canada:

upside down houses in canada

Device to root out evil is a 25-foot, upside down. It is most recognized sculpture of world today. It is great place to visit. The house itself proves to be great attraction. The house stands on its roof, where visitors walk on the ceilings, It is decorated  in the socialist style of 1970.  It is famous in the world. Many tourist visit to Device to root out evil with their family in holidays. Not only tourist but many people visit these places. And enjoy the lovely moments.


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