What to Wear on Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon ride is a sporting event including clothes to wear like any comfortable top, slacks or shorts. In this climbing into and out of the basket will be done, so that dresses and skirts will not be advisable. During sunrise or sunset it will be part of your excursion. You can be glad for one and also start out with a jacket at the end. Layers are the best way to go in hot air balloon rides. We will recommend you to wear walking shoes, athletic shoes or you can wear sturdy footwear. Heels, sandals or open shoes and dresses are not a good choice for these rides. You can appreciate a hat if there is warm out weather conditions. So here we shared some points that what you should wear on hot air balloon rides.

Best Hot Air Balloon Rides

1. Sport Some Headwear:

Balloons in hot air rides are fitted with some type of special heat shields which are used to stop passengers from getting too hot. The burners above mean that your head get a little warm and particularly when the balloon launches. If you’re tall, this does mean you can dig out the favorite baseball cap beanie. So always try to wear a cap throughout the rides to prevent you from quite harmful warm weather.

2. Take an Extra Layer Just in Case:

All of we know that Mum know best and told you to take the extra layer on your way when you out the door. Well how it is difficult that British weather can be unpredictable and even in the height of summer. Always prefer to take jumper of some description or a jacket in weather conditions. It is a better safety tool when you always take it off throughout the ride.

3. Sensible Shoes are a Must:

If you are planning for hot air balloon rides then leave your designer shoes at home for your safety. Best quality shoes are first safety tip and although most of sites has good condition on flying day. You’ll likely be landing in a field try to swap your walking boots or Gucci heals for a stylish pair of willies.

4. Trousers are the Way Forward:

Some of you ladies are not yet mastered to climbing into a basket and moreover came in a skirt or dress. But according to our research we generally recommend you to go in jeans or some form of trousers for hot air balloon rides and think once again before your packing.

5. Slide on Some Shades:

Well this is last point but we can’t say least. Don’t ever forget your sunglasses because those sun glasses will prevent you from flow of winds, harmful rays of sun. We just want that you will enjoy the every ounce and incredible view. During sunrise it can get a bit bright to your flight. So just don’t forget to carry because sunglasses are very important to see beautiful landscapes.


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