Top 5 Highest Bungee Jumping in the World

bungee jumping locations

All things considered, bungee bouncing or jumping is an activity which incorporate hopping from tall development is generally altered keeping in mind connected to a long rope or rope. Do you ever envision that is it what amount intriguing? A portion of the people groups attempt it through versatile items like plane or air inflatables. When they bounced, the rope extends and the individual flies in upward course. It is safe to say that you are searching for best bungee hopping areas concurring your interests? At that point you should visit USA. All we know, USA is profoundly created nation with such a variety of great attractions to visit. Bungee jumping is one of these prettiest attractions. There are such a large number of extreme areas like extensions; structures are accessible to satisfy this movement. Here we shared some best bungee jumping locations in the world.

1. Victoria Falls Bridge, border of Zimbabwe and Zambia: You’d be hard-pushed because Victoria Falls Bridge was the inspiration of Cecil Rhodes and find a more spectacular setting. It was constructed in England by the Cleveland Bridge and a top the old railway bridge that Cecil Rhodes ordered to be built. The Victoria Falls Bridge offers the most spectacular backdrop and marks the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia as you get rigged up.

2. Macau Tower, Macau, China: At 233m and in the heart of the world’s highest bungee jump from a building offers you ultimate experiences. You leap from the outer rim of the giant tower, with mainland China just visible if you squint.  Bungee jumpers will be able to landing slowly onto a specially designed airbag and need for it to fall straight, rather than swing.

3. 190 meters: Niouc Bridge, Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland: Niouc Bridge will provide you one of the most thrilling moments of your lifetime.  Well Switzerland is also home to highest bungee jump from a highest bridge. Jumpers from this spot need the courage to jump and swing. The most beautiful & scenic jump and knife-edge suspended bridged.

4. The Last Resort, Tatopani, Nepal: Located on a ridge and overlooking rapids of about 60 miles east of Kathmandu. Just seven miles from the Tibetan border, this adventure-mad resort is home to white water rafting. This includes transportation to and from The Last Resort. It is surrounded by jungle and bridge towards the raging Bhote Kosi below.

5. 216 meters: Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa: Right in the heart of South Africa, The Bloukrans Bungy offers jumps from one of the world´s highest bungee jumping spots. In 2003, Jumping from this bloukran bridge gives a double dose of thrill — Bungy jump operations is open 365 days of the year and recognised as highest commercial bungee jump during all weather conditions (except gale force winds).


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